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RENGÖRINGSMASKIN ELMA VA med ultraljud och standardtill

RENGÖRINGSMASKIN ELMA VA med ultraljud och standardtill

Single-chamber ultrasonic vacuum technology
for cleaning with solvents in the rotation or oscillation
TÜV-certified safety due to intrinsic Ex-protection.

Process: Ultrasonic / vacuum process for solvents in
the rotation or oscillation process

Explosion proof certified solvent -based cleaning
of watch movements
Protection against solvent vapours and odours using
extraction or self-contained filter system
Vacuum technology also reaches difficult-to-access
places and removes gas bubbles
Cleaning and rinsing using multi-frequency ultrasound
in rotation or oscillation process
Machine can be completely rotated, media containers
and connections are very easily accessible
Media containers are easy to replace and rinse out.
Integrated particle filter for increasing the service life
of the cleaning and rinsing solutions
Wide range of practical accessories optional available

Technical data:
Dimension and weight:
Machine external dimensions: Ø 600 mm, H 610 mm
Weight including media containers: 39 kg
Media container capacity: 2,5 l
Number of media containers: 4
Cleaning basket diameter: 80 mm or 64 mm
Exhaust air connection : DN 6 mm (active)
Operating noise sound pressure level < 70 dB

Electrical data:
Total maximum power consumption: max . 220 W
Power consumption in standby 20 W
Ambient temperature: max. 30 ° C

Number of programs: 6 fixed, 12 freely definable

Switchable ultrasonic frequencies (kHz ): 40/80
Effective ultrasonic power: 50 W, can be regulated
30 % to 100 %
Usable ultrasound: all process steps (cleaning, rinsing)
Cleaning media: solvent
Rotation speed range in cleaning/rinsing mode: 1 to 20
Oscillation, deflection in cleaning/rinsing mode (1/s) (°): 20 - 60
Spinning speed range freely adjustable up to max. 1400 rpm
Drying process: Vacuum, heater-supported

Individual basket external dimensions (D/ H, mm): 80/10
and 64/12
Number of baskets in individual basket holder: 5
Cleaning basket capacity (all baskets together): max.100 g
Movement holder for partially dismantled movements max.
capacity: 12
Activated carbon unit: passive

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